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April 25, 2023

Exploring the towns around Benissa

Are you looking for a change of scenery and a chance to explore some charming, picturesque towns? Look no further than Benissa and its surrounding areas on the Costa Blanca in Spain. These white towns are full of history, culture, and stunning natural landscapes that will take your breath away. From the quaint streets of Moraira to the rugged coastline of Javea, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful region. So pack your bags and get ready to embark on an adventure through these delightful towns around Benissa!


Benissa is a charming town located in the north of the Costa Blanca. Its old quarter, with its narrow streets and historic buildings, is a must-visit for anyone interested in exploring traditional Spanish architecture.

One of the most iconic landmarks in Benissa is the beautiful cathedral, which dates back to the 16th century. The cathedral’s stunning bell tower dominates the skyline of this small town and can be seen from miles around.

If you love hiking or nature walks, then Benissa has plenty to offer. The surrounding hills are full of trails that wind their way through forests and fields filled with almond trees and vineyards.

Cuisine lovers will also enjoy visiting Benissa because it is well-known for its delicious local cuisine. From fresh seafood to hearty stews and paella dishes, there’s something for every palate in this delightful town.

Benissa offers visitors a chance to experience real Spanish culture while enjoying all that this wonderful region has to offer.


Moraira is a small coastal town located in the province of Alicante, Spain. Known for its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters, Moraira offers visitors a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of larger cities.

One of the main attractions in Moraira is its beautiful marina. Visitors can enjoy strolling through the harbor area or taking a boat tour to explore the coastline. The town also has several charming streets lined with shops and restaurants, perfect for an afternoon stroll.

Moraira’s beaches are another highlight, with El Portet beach being particularly popular due to its calm waters and soft sandy shore. For those looking for more adventure, there are also plenty of water sports available such as jet skiing or paddleboarding.

For history buffs, Moraira has several ancient watchtowers that were built during the 16th century to defend against pirates. These towers offer magnificent views over the Mediterranean Sea and provide insight into Spain’s fascinating past.

Moraira is a must-visit destination if you’re planning on exploring Spain’s “white towns” along Costa Blanca. Its picturesque scenery and relaxed atmosphere make it an ideal spot to unwind and soak up some Spanish culture.


Javea is another picturesque town located in the province of Alicante, and unlike Benissa, it’s right on the coast. The town boasts a beautiful sandy beach that stretches over 3 km long and has clear blue waters perfect for swimming.

If you’re looking for something more adventurous, Javea also offers various water activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding or snorkelling. For those who love hiking, there are several trails to explore around Montgo Natural Park which offer stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

When it comes to food, Javea doesn’t disappoint with its selection of seafood restaurants serving fresh catch-of-the-day dishes. But if seafood isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other options available too!

One unique feature about Javea is its historical significance – evidence shows that humans have inhabited this area since prehistoric times! You can learn about the town’s past by visiting the Archaeological Museum in the old town.

Javea offers a great mix of natural beauty and historical significance making it a must-visit destination when exploring the towns around Benissa.


Calpe is a delightful coastal town located just 10 kilometers northwest of Benissa. It boasts two beautiful beaches, the Playa del Arenal-Bol and the Playa de la Fossa-Levante. Both have clear waters perfect for swimming and are surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and shops.

One of Calpe’s main attractions is the Peñón de Ifach Natural Park which covers an area of over 50 hectares. The park features a towering rock formation that rises to an impressive height of 332 meters above sea level. Visitors can enjoy hiking trails with breathtaking views or explore the rich marine life at its base through diving expeditions.

The Old Town in Calpe is also worth a visit as it offers visitors a glimpse into its rich history and culture. The narrow streets are lined with charming traditional houses adorned with bougainvilleas making it perfect for leisurely strolls.

For foodies, Calpe has plenty to offer including fresh seafood dishes such as paella made with locally caught fish or succulent red prawns from Denia which is just a few kilometers away.

Calpe should definitely be on your list if you’re looking for stunning natural beauty combined with historic charm and cultural experiences all while enjoying delicious cuisine!


Altea is a beautiful and charming town located just north of Benidorm. Known as one of the “white towns” or “Pueblos Blancos”, Altea is characterized by its white-washed houses with blue doors and windows, narrow streets, and stunning sea views.

One of the main attractions in Altea is its Old Town, which sits atop a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The Old Town features cobbled streets, traditional Spanish architecture, small shops selling handmade crafts and souvenirs, as well as numerous cafes and restaurants where you can sit back with a drink or meal while enjoying views over the sea.

Another must-visit spot in Altea is its beautiful church called Nuestra Señora del Consuelo. This iconic church has become an emblematic symbol for this town due to its unique blue dome that stands out against the white buildings surrounding it.

If you’re looking for some outdoor activities in Altea, then take a walk along Paseo Marítimo promenade. Here you can enjoy breathtaking views of the bay while taking a leisurely stroll or bike ride alongside palm trees swaying gently in the breeze.

Whether you’re interested in history, art or simply soaking up some sun on sandy beaches; there’s something for everyone here at Altea!

How to get around

Getting around the towns near Benissa is easy and convenient. One option is to rent a car, which gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace. Most major car rental companies have offices in town or nearby airports.

Another option is to use public transportation. Buses are an affordable way to get from town to town, with regular services throughout the day. You can find bus schedules online or at local tourist information centers.

Taxis are also available, although they can be more expensive than other options. If you plan on using taxis frequently, it’s best to negotiate a rate beforehand for longer journeys.

Walking and cycling are great ways to explore each town up close and personal. Many of these towns have pedestrian-friendly areas that make walking enjoyable and safe for everyone.

Regardless of how you choose to get around, always remember that safety should be your top priority while traveling in any new area. With so many options available in these beautiful white towns near Benissa, exploring has never been easier!

What to do in each town

There are endless activities to keep you entertained in each of these charming towns around Benissa. In Benissa, stroll through the historic streets and visit the Cathedral of the Marina Alta or explore the 18th-century Palace of Torres-Orduña.

In Moraira, enjoy a day at one of its many beaches such as L’Ampolla or Platgetes Beach. Take a walk along its beautiful promenade and indulge in some local cuisine at any of its seaside restaurants.

Javea offers stunning natural beauty including Granadella Natural Park and Montgó Natural Park which offer hiking trails with breathtaking views. You can also take a dip in one of Javea’s hidden coves like Cala Blanca or La Barraca.

Calpe is home to some magnificent landmarks such as Penyal d’Ifac Nature Reserve – an impressive rock formation that rises above the sea creating outstanding views where you can hike up for spectacular views out over Calpe bay. Visit Las Salinas de Calpe salt flats, now an important nature reserve with some rare bird species calling it home.

Altea boasts picturesque blue-domed churches perched on hilltops like Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Consuelo while strolling down winding alleys filled with small cafes selling artisanal crafts and souvenirs from your trip.

With so much diversity amongst these white towns near Benissa, travelers will never run out things to see and do!


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